Pray to your god, open your heart Whatever you do, don't be afraid of the dark Cover your eyes, the devil inside One night of the hunter One day I will get revenge One night to remember One day it'll all just end, oh
I'm home.
One Direction stole my heart and Niall ate it. 30 Seconds ago I went to Mars and there I found Hayley, Jeremy and Taylor singing. They say that home is were heart is, so I live in London, precisely in 221B Baker Street. I've got a white owl called Edwig, and i drive a black 1967 Chevrolet Impala. Now I'm painting with Peeta and Finn and Jack are filming us. Katniss is not here because she is on fire. Linkin Park is like perfection. Part of free will team. pll // tw // tvd // ahs // reign // superwholock // starcrossed // ouat // arrow // hannibal // true blood // orphan black
(to be continued...)

just a few of the most perfect human beings.

i mean, this is like the most amazing post i’ve ever done, i’m melting now.

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